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After a woman playing mahjong all night suddenly unconscious blood pressure meter has been unable to measure the number of blood pressure. Ms. Chen’s experience once again shows that the introduction of a disease of hypertension, it may be fatal. The morning of September 23rd 11, Nan’an District Public Security Bureau Traffic and patrol police detachment Nanshan brigade mobile police car, Ms. Chen’s husband, Mr. Liu will be a sign of "helping people’s distress, good patroles" banner to the hands of the police, thanks to the Nanshan Police Brigade Chen Yong et al to save his wife’s life. Things from a few days ago. Suddenly fell into a coma thanks to the Traffic and patrol police rescue about the circumstances of the day, Mr. Liu is very excited and grateful: "thank you for Traffic and patrol police comrades, to win the precious rescue time for my wife." The original September 20th 11, Mr. Liu and his wife, Ms. Chen, while riding a bus in Nanshan, Ms. Chen suddenly unconscious, into a coma. Chongwen road patrol police Chen Yong received a public alarm, immediately rushed to the scene. Ms. Chen was seriously ill, if not immediately sent to the hospital, the delay of treatment, Ms. Chen Yongli will hold a mobile police car, rushed to the nearest south bank District Fourth People’s hospital. Under the doctor’s full rescue, Ms. Chen finally out of danger and no sequelae. Playing mahjong all night blood pressure meter has not measuring blood pressure after the number of police learned that Ms. Chen had a history of hypertension, every day by taking antihypertensive drugs to control the disease, because the previous day with friends to play mahjong overnight, and no timely medication, cause disease of coma. According to emergency doctors, Ms. Chen arrived in the hospital, with very high blood pressure, blood pressure meter has been unable to measure the blood pressure, after the rescue after medication, Ms. Chen slowly regained consciousness, but the police hospital in a timely manner, has won the precious time for the patient. Currently, Ms. Chen’s condition has been controlled. Mr. Liu to thank the police Chen Yonghe Xieqin enthusiastic help, specially sent a banner to thank (pictured). Chongqing morning news reporter Cao Ye Ye District patrol for map相关的主题文章:

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