Taiwan’s army for the male 3 false shooting compensation of $7 million 500 thousand were handled by 女f4

Taiwan is the male 3 mistakenly shot 7 million 500 thousand yuan for someone’s officers and soldiers have been handling data figure: Taiwan Navy "treasures 3 fishing boats hit glory -3 missile" mistakenly shot "incident caused Taiwan gray, the family of the deceased also request" the country lose". According to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of justice, 16 confirmed that the families of the deceased received compensation of about $7 million 500 thousand, and has been fully compensated. Reported that in July 1st this year, the navy ship is equipped with Jin Jiang "coach -3" supersonic anti-ship missile test in the "shot", hit the Taiwan fishing boat. Kaohsiung prosecutors after investigation confirmed that "mistakenly shot" case caused by Captain Huang Wenzhong died on the spot, yellow son and 2 foreign fishermen were injured. After the incident, Huang Wenzhong’s father, spouse, 2 sons, a total of 1 daughters of the Taiwan authorities to the Ministry of defense claims, the project includes the spirit of solatium, funeral expenses, loss of labor and loss of fishing vessels, the 5. After the agreement, that the military has a fault, the Ministry of defense agreed to compensate the yellow house about 7 million 500 thousand yuan, and in November 11th to fund the designated account hwang. Kaohsiung District, Jin Jiang ship fire control sergeant Gao Jiajun alone in the cockpit of missile launching drills and button operation, missile launch, on suspicion of professional negligence, professional negligence and negligence lethal damage destroy weapons crime, Sergeant Chen Mingxiu let high alone in the war room, long weapon Xu Bo for a time in accordance with the provisions of issue 5 branch line are suspected of neglecting the duty crime. In addition, when the ship on the most senior vice captain and fleet officials have been processed. Taiwan Navy chief of staff, said Mei, in order to avoid a repeat of the tragedy, the Taiwan Navy and the Chinese Academy of sciences research business, the test test mode and combat mode separated, each need to enter a different password.相关的主题文章:

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