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The United States defense against Portland as a "trump police riot" (Figure) – Sohu news Trump group of praise: demonstrators passionate voice of America to the United States, 11 in the morning, a 180 degree change in the attitude of Trump was elected president of the opposition. Praise against his thousands of protesters in the streets, calling them "to the United States with passion". And 9 hours ago, Trump accused the media to incite professional protesters took to the streets. Trump said: "last night I love pushing a small group of protesters great country full of enthusiasm for the fact that we. We will come together and be proud!" The day before the evening, the president-elect said on twitter all over the country against his election victory for the protest was "very unfair". The evening of 10, Trump, said: "just completed an open and successful presidential election. Now, the media protesters are demonstrating. Very unfair!" More than the United States to continue the protests, according to Lianhe Zaobao reported on 11, more than a dozen cities in the United States demonstrations, Trump will enter the White House expressed shock and anger. The protesters bombarded Trump for immigrants, Muslims and other groups discriminatory remarks, and he vows to split the country policies against the end. In Trump’s hometown of New York, thousands of demonstrators marched to Fifth Avenue, Trumpt tower, Manhattan city streets packed. The building is the headquarters of the Trump group, is his home, he and his family lived on the top of the building in the three story luxury loft.相关的主题文章:

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