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The South China Sea between China and Russia exercise on an unprecedented scale battle equipment full debut (map) (2) – Sohu military channel page second: Chinese battle equipment full debut Liang Yang introduced the exercise between China and Russia participating troops including surface ships, submarines, fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, Marines and amphibious armored equipment, the two sides will focus on joint air defense joint anti submarine joint air and sea search, the United fighters took control of three-dimensional reefs, search and rescue, joint boarding and inspection subjects walkthrough. As the Russian ship in the South China Sea joint military drill arrived in Zhanjiang. In addition, the Hong Kong Bank training stage, will organize a series of seminars, joint training, including the deduction on the map, the crew will also rely on the warship damage control training simulation field to carry out damage control drills, the Marines will be mixed to carry out light weapons firing, helicopter downhill, building climbing and downhill, Watakai Toshima, defending and attacking the island joint training. > > background link "maritime joint" series of exercises is the largest bilateral naval exercises in the bilateral framework, held since 2012 for the first time since the exercise, held once a year. Among them, the 2012 exercise held in the Yellow Sea Chinese airspace near Qingdao. 2013 Vladivostok in Russia near the sea of Japan Sea airspace held. Held in 2014 in the East China Sea airspace east of the Yangtze River estuary. 2015 exercise is divided into two stages, the first stage in the Mediterranean, the second stage Vladivostok in Russia near the sea of Japan Sea airspace held. Watch the interpretation of the 1 Sino Russian exercises an unprecedented scale of the Military Academy of military theory and doctrine research department researcher Pan Xinmao introduction, the scale of the exercise is a campaign level, usually by the battle of institutions to implement the unified command of troops participating in the exercise and exercise to amplitude have reached the scale and scope of the corresponding. "The participating forces of Russia 5 ships, including two anti submarine destroyers, large amphibious ships, sea tug and the implementation of security of the tanker, in addition to a marine unit. Chinese participating troops to the South China Sea Fleet forces, the navy ship force, amphibious forces, naval aviation and other forces, it will be a Sino Russian military exercises unprecedented large-scale joint." 2 prominent joint anti submarine and landing operations Pan Xinmao pointed out that the exercise courses highlight the joint anti submarine and landing operations. Anti submarine warfare and landing operations is one of the most important subject of maritime operations. According to the two sides agreed that the joint exercise is mainly exercise command and combat landing procedures and tactics to combat, including amphibious landing forces command, transfer and other basic tactical attack beachhead, the two countries will enhance the joint landing combat capability. Military exercises in the South China Sea, the material will attract some countries snooping. Chinese defense ministry said earlier, this is the routine exercise, not for third parties. 3 Russian main battle equipment will be fully unveiled Pan Xinmao, the Russian Navy sent Dreadnought large antisubmarine destroyer, the ship carrying 2 anti submarine helicopters which has remote anti submarine capability. Due to a larger range of motion, anti submarine search space.相关的主题文章:

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