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Note7 for the purchase of only two weeks the user S7edge night charge explosion – Sohu news according to mobile phone technology website Phone Arena reports, one in the United States an operator readers claimed that customers with Taiwan Samsung Galaxy S7 explosion burning loss of edge mobile phone to store the complaint. The user said that the phone received two weeks, will be replaced by the new version of the Note after the return of the replacement, but did not expect an explosion occurred in. Reported that before the explosion of the S7 edge with the original charger charging all night. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the Samsung S7 Edge explosion, a user last week in the American state of Ohio sued Samsung, the reason is that the S7 Edge exploded in the pocket, resulting in severe burn; and last month there is a Samsung S7 Edge exploded in the night. When charging, the charging time is also using the original charger. For security reasons, Samsung has announced the permanent termination of Galaxy Note 7 production and sales, and in the world began a large-scale recall. But according to the The Associated Press reported that Samsung on mobilization before hundreds of employees Note 7 mobile phone to identify the cause of the fire, and make a simulation experiment for multiple variables, but because the experiment failed to reproduce the fire situation, so to identify the cause of the fire is still time. In the Note 7 call back to destroy after S7 S7 edge Samsung is one of the few main flagship product, but the current situation, has sold more than half of the S7 edge there is no battery problem similar to common, things still need further observation.相关的主题文章:

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