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Shanxi the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty gate collapsed residents said someone take bricks of self – Sohu news Shanxi Guang Wu Ming the Great Wall landmarks "moon". The moon Chinese map vision users shoot after the collapse "". Light cloud to micro-blog map screenshot Beijing News (reporter Wang Yu) Shanxi Shanyin County wide village, a section without manual repair the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty around October 3rd collapsed, resulting in "Moon", including the the Great Wall landscape damage. Some residents said that local farmers went to the Great Wall to take bricks, home use. As of yesterday, the local authorities have not yet expressed this position. Residents said someone took bricks for their own use yesterday, a group of the Great Wall wall damaged photos circulated on the internet. One of the shows, in a shape similar to the Beacon Tower building, brown brick wall collapsed, leaving only the column. Friends said, the photos in Shanxi Guang Wu territory, the incident in October 3rd, and the collapse of the wall, which is the famous "Moon" landscape. Data shows, Guang Wu the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty Ming Hongwu seven years (1374), is the the Great Wall, a total length of 10000 meters, along the ridge on the amble, 16 dilou (5 of them preserved, and built a wicket) and other buildings. The collapse of the "Moon" in the back door, the natural wind and rain erosion, only one arched facades, standing on the ridge, shaped like a half moon, is the iconic the Great Wall landscape Ming Guang wu. A wide Wudang residents told the Beijing News reporter, "the moon" is located next to the ridge, near the village. The collapse occurred, in addition to natural reasons, but also with the local residents frequently take home from the Great Wall to take home related. Scholars said the protection of the Great Wall has a long way to go according to the State Council in 2006 promulgated the "the Great Wall Protection Ordinance", the national implementation of the overall protection and management section of the Great Wall, by the competent department of the State Council is responsible for the overall protection of cultural relics of the Great Wall, the Great Wall where the government and the cultural relics administrative departments of the local people at or above the county level, be responsible for the protection of the Great Wall within the administrative region. In an interview with local media, some scholars said that the reason for the destruction of the the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, mainly from the long-term natural damage caused by wind and rain erosion, the Great Wall; over the years the building of local villagers farmlands directly from the Great Wall with brick, road cut through wall; tourism development and damage repair, resulting in many mines, mark the original style disappeared. The quarry of the Great Wall and the local ecological illegal coal, causing destruction. In addition, due to the Shanxi the Great Wall line long, coupled with the lack of funds, the protection of a lot of the time too, "the protection of the Great Wall while calling for many years, but also in many years, but still has a long way to go." At present, the local security department has yet to respond to the matter. Check more frequently damage the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty in the northern area refers to the construction of military defense project, also known as the side wall, different from that of repair by Qin Shihuang of the the Great Wall. According to the announcement of the State Administration of cultural heritage and the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping data, Ming Great Wall from the East Bank of the Yalu River in Liaoning Shan, Qilian West to Shandong mountain in Gansu Jiayuguan, from east to west through Liaoning, Hebei and other ten provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of the one hundred and fifty-six counties, a total length of 8851.相关的主题文章:

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