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The central inspection work as well as what you did not notice the details of the political news – Sohu want to talk about the central inspection bureau know things, often you don’t pay attention to details. Today, the center of the eleventh round of inspections have been stationed in nearly a week, and the distance from the center of the tenth round of feedback is the past month. In recent years, the inspection work is also like this, the last round is coming to an end, the next round immediately move up, intensive and efficient, rolling forward. The object of inspection has long been known, the issue of inspections have been widely reported by the media, but for the central patrol, the concern is also more than these, the Political Bureau of knowledge points. The tenth round of the growing lineup to mid October feedback patrol feedback. Please pay attention to a detail, starting from the third round of the central inspections, the central inspection team leader, director of the office of Li will be in the presence of some inspection teams feedback. The eighth round of inspections when there is a change in the situation, each time there is a feedback inspection office responsible person to attend. Sometimes Li Xiaohong, and sometimes other central patrol work leading group office responsible comrades. To the ninth round of inspections, the greater the change. In addition to Li Xiaohong and the unnamed patrol office responsible comrades, there are a number of on-site feedback to the central inspection work leading group members, including the Minister of the Ministry of supervision, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department Deputy Minister Huang Shuxian, Chen Xi, Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department Jiang Xin, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Yang Xiaochao. Patrol office is the daily offices of the central leading group tour, from the main office is responsible for inspections by the scene, to several members of the central leading group patrol involved, the specifications of the increase is extremely obvious. When the tenth round of feedback, but not the same. This round of inspections, inspection of the people’s Congress and CPPCC attracted the attention of many people, but when people attend feedback respectively for the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of CPC Central Committee Zhao Leji and Central Committee Secretary Zhao Hongzhu, the two of them is the central inspection work leading group deputy leader. There is no doubt that this is upgraded again. For the changed and unchanged when it comes to the previous central inspection teams of the personnel allocation, political SIPO once wrote specifically "36 new" assistant ", the central inspection staff configuration is too interesting! To sort out (reply manpower can view), the eleventh round of the central patrol and the new forces to join the political know Jun say again. The eleventh round of inspections in the central, there are two inspection teams are a positive and the other configuration, and the rest are a positive and a total of three pairs of". So, these two "power enough" group is responsible for the inspection object? It is this time to look back, Gansu, Guangxi, Beijing, Chongqing four. It is worth noting that, after the previous responsible for looking back, the inspection team is a positive three pairs, the more than a deputy leader, configuration is obviously stronger. Since the sixth round of inspections, the central inspection group to adopt a "multi support" mode of political SIPO noted that, on the surface, the tenth round, the eleventh round of inspections and the emergence of "one to one", such as the National People’s Congress.相关的主题文章:

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