40 home prices in the first half of 34 billion 800 million yuan stock is 7 times the total net profi

40 home prices in the first half of 34 billion 800 million yuan stock: 7 times the total net profit of – Fashion – with 2016 semi annual report released in succession, the listed garment enterprises "predicament" at a glance, and the long-term development of troubled industries stock crisis is still spreading. Wind data statistics show that the current A-share market has 40 listed companies released semi annual report, the total inventory of 34 billion 850 million yuan at the end of the reporting period, net profit of more than seven times. The anonymity of the clothing enterprises executives said frankly: "the clothing enterprises to digest the inventory at least 3 years of time, but also need to support profit stock behind financial statements, a bank will be behind the ugly, noisy, so, more and more clothing enterprises is the inventory cycle." Pictures from the network 40 garment company inventory 34 billion 800 million sea orchid house topped 8 billion 600 million yuan since 2010, as demand continues to slump, the backlog of inventory has become the clothing industry knot. As of August 29th, a total of 40 garment textile companies to disclose the first half of the financial report, the total inventory of the end of the reporting period of $34 billion 852 million, accounting for 35.08% of current assets. It is worth mentioning that these 40 listed companies in the first half net profit of only 4 billion 853 million yuan. Specific to the company, the stock market in the first half of the largest listed companies is the home of the sea LAN, 8 billion 559 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 31.82%. According to China financial network reporter, sea orchid house high stock market since the beginning of the market has been criticized. Statistics show that the sea orchid house April 11, 2014 backdoor Keno technology market in 2014-2015, the amount of inventories were 6 billion 86 million yuan and 9 billion 579 million yuan, which accounted for in the current assets ratio reached 42.56% and 50.68%. For the reasons for the sharp rise in inventory, sea orchid house had explained that the main business is to increase the size of the increase in stocking. 2016 semi annual report shows that the sea orchid house in the first half net increase of 652 stores, the total number of stores has reached 4642; the number of stores at the end of 2015 and 2014 were 3716 and 3990. According to the sea orchid house plan, the future store expansion strategy will continue, that is, the company stock may remain high in the future for a period of time. 10 home enterprise inventory turnover days over 1 years on Saturday more than 800 days in addition to sea orchid house, the amount of inventories Jihua Group, Semir clothing, Saturday is more than 1 billion yuan, 4 billion 412 million yuan respectively, 2 billion 51 million yuan and 1 billion 496 million yuan. The amount of inventory is less than 100 million yuan only in potential shares, Baibao and stick Jie shares three, amounting to 85 million yuan, 66 million yuan and 60 million yuan. From the inventory turnover days, Saturday 833.72 day way ahead, that is to say, even if the company is not the next two and a half years manufacturing production, existing inventory can meet the sales demand; Wentz shares, Kaiser shares followed, inventory turnover days were 685 days and 596 days; modern Avenue, Mailyard, Angelo, Vigna S, Lancy shares Hui Jie, Busen shares, shares of stock turnover days in a year)相关的主题文章:

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