34Xu Maodong took over the cross-border background of Busen shares or promote the process of Internet |Xu Maodong took over the cross-border background of Busen shares or promote the process of Internet 5

Xu Maodong entered the Busen shares of cross-border background or promote Internet process technology – Sohu network reported on August 25th in Jianping Leidi lightning game companies co founded the Dragon pipe industry by xerath (002619.SZ), WOWO Limited led the merger (NASDAQ:JMU) listed on the United States, across the Internet and traditional industries of the serial entrepreneur Xu Maodong further, become A shares Busen shares of the actual controller. Busen shares before the announcement, the company received notification of the controlling shareholder announced just Rui asset, its general partner, planning limited partner share transfer matters signed the equity transfer agreement. The changes in equity shares of Busen shareholders equity assets (Rui Zhi Leidi network plan) the equity changes, the information disclosure obligor and acting jointly held assets of 95.02% leading Hainan Rui Zhi, still holds 4.98% of the capital. Zhi Rui asset is still Busen shares of the largest shareholder, Busen shares accounted for 29.86% of the shares. Galaxy win as a general partner Rui Zhi assets, the actual controller Xu Maodong become the actual controller of the listed company. In the Busen company to accelerate industrial development of Internet Busen shares the transaction a total payment of 1 billion 12 million 250 thousand yuan of funds, Xu Maodong became the two main Busen shares the largest shareholder assets actual control platform Rui Zhi, were won with Galaxy and the Lhasa star. According to reports, Xu Maodong become the actual controller of the listed company, and through the transformation of its resources in business, human resources, financial aspects of listed companies to improve management efficiency, improve corporate governance structure, improve the management level. After the completion of the changes in equity, Busen shares as an independent operation of listed companies, will maintain personnel independence, asset integrity, financial independence, institutional independence and business independence. Busen shares still have the ability to operate independently to maintain the independence of listed companies. Xu Maodong nearly 20 years of entrepreneurship, which, in the field of Internet business for 9 years, long-term focus on "Internet plus" and the integration of traditional industries development, relying on the galaxy Internet platform, have combined to create more than and 100 furniture industry influence of Internet Co, therefore won the good development potential. The way to the transferee in the A shares of the company shares in Busen, has a number of Internet Co assets Xu Maodong is prepared, so more fully demonstrated its leveraging capital to boost its Internet plus industrial scale’s intention and determination. Focus on the "Internet plus" entrepreneurship has 16 industrial layout from Busen shares 18 days since the resumption of the performance, the market for Xu Maodong in the Busen company, is approved, and look forward to. According to the announcement, for the sale, merger, joint venture or cooperation with others, whether the plan for the assets and business of the listed company or its subsidiaries within 12 months of the future, or the listed company intends to purchase or replacement of assets restructuring plan, the transferee has not ruled out from the listed company sustainable development and profitability, and improve the angle the quality of assets of listed companies, planning for this issue.

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