]29 off the hot line injury stop Captain Manchester United to end the League comeback

Have [color off]29 fire injured captain back end Manchester United League Tournament Saturday 031          Premier   Manchester VS Burnley recommended: Ping FireWire courier: Manchester United on wheel away than 0 4 defeat Chelsea, nearly 3 wheel 2 flat 1 negative, this season league home court 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative only losing to Manchester City in the Carling Cup week sent most of the main home court 1 0 victory over Manchester City coach; Mourinho said the team is in the process of reconstruction, this is not a transfer period or will be completed in three or four months. In the team next week in the Champions League Cup game against Farenair Pace; and promoted Maboen round 2 to 1 victory over Everton home court at the end of the two game losing streak, nearly 5 round 2 wins and 3 losses, 3 league defeats; become the England international defender M Kean to return to the dream theater against his former club; nearly 4 times the two teams clash Manchester 2 wins 1 flat 1 negative, home court two matches, scoring 3 goals per game. Interpretation: Manchester United injury: Defender Smolin, striker Rooney and Fabio Marshall are expected to return back, and Phil Jones Bailey need to recuperate, mkhitaryan state do not match the midfield. Burnley: absent because of injury last round midfielder Defour can return to see before the inspection results, midfielder Boyd and defender Ward has recovered, striker Ashley Barnes is still on the sidelines, striker Andrea lifted back the field. Interpretation: handicap: William Hill: 1.14 6 compensate 13, 1.22 6 17 6.50 17 1.22 5.75 15 CORAL:1.18, 7 BWIN:1.18, 12 1.20 6.50 15 disc: Australian color: two ball 0.98 ball half ball 0.88, 0.90 Jin Baobo 0.96: 1.16 to 0.76 ball half ball 0.97 ball half ball 0.96 ball 1.07 0.85 Yi Shengbo: two – two the 1.30 ball 0.68 consecutive 3 victorious United although European football next week, but the Europa League seriously limited the team this season is still the focus in the domestic arena, "United’s strong concede two ball disc, enter the period after injection by back for United against Burnley, after all this season worst away record. The strength of the dominant Manchester United win is not a problem, but the color of the game so that the game play under the game is probably the best choice. On Saturday, 024          B;   Claremont VS Amiens recommended: Sheng FireWire courier: in the face of French giants Marseille traditional Claremont week, even if the home court cannot eventually win out in the League Cup third round, the last round of league games to the guest Niort has 7 consecutive competitions. Matches slipped to the bottom half of the standings, the start of the season after 6 league.相关的主题文章:

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