14Two financial balance since September dropped nearly $15 billion|Two financial balance since September dropped nearly $15 billion2

Two financial balance since September dropped nearly $15 billion, according to Wind data, in September 28th, the CSI two financial balance closed at $888 billion 593 million, down more than 1 billion 700 million yuan, fell below the $890 billion integer mark. Enthusiasm to participate in financing continued to decline, 28, has been the balance of the balance of the two consecutive trading day down, the amount of financing to buy also hit a new low after March 11th in. So far, in September two financial balance fell nearly $15 billion. Industry sector, real estate stocks market suction gold Liju first. The amount of financing to buy a record low of two in recent years, the balance of the balance of the continuous decline in recent years, which means that the use of leveraged funds in the market continues to decline. Indeed, the situation in the case of a narrow market, the effect of a sharp decline in money, superimposed holidays approaching, the market heat is not high, then the use of leverage will be more difficult to participate in the original profit. As a result, margin participation significantly decreased, not only in the performance of the two financial balance of the decline, but also reflected in the decline in the amount of financing to buy. Data show that in September 28th the amount of financing for the purchase of 24 billion 995 million yuan, an increase of $30 billion 245 million on the same day, a significant decline, but also after the stage of the new low in March 11th, showing a downturn in market sentiment. At the same time, the amount of repayment of the day is also a low level of financing, only 26 billion 494 million yuan. Thus, the net financing of the day to repay 1 billion 499 million yuan, making the financing balance decreased. In fact, in September 28th A shares hit a record low. Shanghai and Shenzhen two city turnover was 116 billion 437 million yuan and 188 billion 843 million yuan, the chain further shrinking, Shanghai stock market hit the stage after the May 30th volume. This is also a significant reason for the decline in the amount of financing to buy. Thus, the two financial balance from the top of the $900 billion down. As of 28, September financing balance has fallen by $14 billion 742 million, which is the first monthly decline since June. June, July and the balance of financing of yuan, respectively, an increase of $23 billion 900 million, $12 billion 800 million and $36 billion. ETF, 28, Hua Bai Rui CSI 300ETF and Shanghai 50ETF net purchase amount of the top, respectively 34 million 643 thousand and 400 yuan and 19 million 913 thousand and 400 yuan, while net repayment of Castrol CSI 300ETF top, is 20 million 198 thousand and 400 yuan. Real estate stocks most favored by the finance industry, 28 SW level industry, in September 28 a total of 7 industries to achieve financing net buying. Among them, the real estate industry, the highest net purchase price of 723 million yuan, the net purchase amount of mining, banking, building materials and building decoration sector are also more than ten million yuan. Relatively speaking, electronic, non-ferrous metals and computer industry, the highest net repayment of 309 million yuan, respectively, $295 million and $214 million. September as a whole, the 28 industries have a total of 8 sectors to obtain a net purchase of financing. Among them, the net purchase of real estate, building decoration, home appliances and banking sector in front of 2 billion 420 million yuan, respectively, $1 billion 208 million, $849 million and $839 million. In contrast, net of non-ferrous metals, non silver finance, electronics and media.

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