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The man left home after 12 years in Guangzhou was found missing – begging feet inexplicable Sohu news in August 31st, Liuyang Road, Wu Village, Peng Yangwu home after 12 years have to return to the family is very happy, my mother is more tight life pressure and trouble. August 31st, Liuyang, mother Xie Yucheng knee massage for Peng Yangwu. In August 29th, Peng Yangwu’s brother carried him out. August 29th, Liuyang City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Peng Yangwu accept leg inspection, in order to confirm the installation of a suitable prosthesis, the cost of a prosthetic limb up to tens of thousands of dollars. August 29th, Peng Yangwu waiting for a new identity card at the police station, he looked next to a newborn. August 29th, Liuyang City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Peng Yangwu looked at the mirror in the elevator to see his face out of god. August 27th, lost contact with Peng Yangwu 12 years in Guangzhou, Whampoa  district was found in a vegetable market fellow, was found to be carrying a sound box on the ground begging begging, mental abnormalities, feet have disappeared. Peng Yangwu claimed to have been suffering from disease, disease in the hospital after amputated legs. Guangzhou police are investigating the matter, Peng Yangwu was back home in Liuyang Wu village. Do not listen to, can not stand, said to go to the big city." Xie Yucheng recalled his son Wu Pengyang was frowned. Peng Yangwu was born in 1975 in Hunan, Liuyang Road, the village, is the second home. When I was a child, Peng Yangwu was considered to be the smartest. The gift of the gab, playinglove chess, bar, swimming, is the old impression of his neighbors. Xie Yucheng and her mother often annoyed at his naughty, refused to help her with the housework all day, ran out. Read the primary school, Peng Yangwu started a barber, as the village door barber craft praised. Have a fixed income, Xie Yucheng a little comfort, but the 19 year old Peng Yangwu good times don’t last long, because of theft in prison. "He opened the barber shop, outside met a group of social bully, he was led astray." Xie Yucheng thought it was a mistake for him to run away. "Before long, the prison called us to pick him up and said he was out of the question." Peng Yangwu’s brother, Peng Yanglong, said that after he was released from prison, he went to the hospital to buy some medicine for the treatment of mental illness. Later, the family can not afford the money to buy drugs, the loss of drugs Peng Yangwu has been in the "not normal" state, the total loss of temper, everywhere blind, once was found from 20 kilometers away from the place." Xie Yucheng recalls. At the beginning of 2004, Peng Yangwu once again lost, brother Peng Yanglong clearly remember the day is the beginning of the six month, "rain, how he had on the outside? We feel so sorry." After twelve years, Peng Yangwu completely lost. Twelve years, the brothers wedding, niece was born, the funeral of the elders, Pengyang, Wudu absent. The family took great pains for the family to figure out Peng Yangwu’s whereabouts, and ten years before and after many provinces tracing, finally failed. Offset strapped economy on the tracing of the faith, to go out frequently missing make originally poor life Xie Yucheng can not afford more, one disaster after another, endure sadness, slowly began to give up: "for a long time, want to open, when he half alive, half dead, his days also is an aisle相关的主题文章:

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