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10.29 of the Premier League, Sunderland VS Arsenal, Arsenal shooter black! Sohu yesterday – Sports poor record, Borussia stuffy black list, appreciates the recommended 1 go 1 black. Yesterday who appreciated today 19:00 will have before send screenings to send, please note to check. Do not appreciate the recommendation today. This recommendation on Saturday: Premier League matches of Sunderland VS A Senna: Sunderland this season wins under the leadership of Moyers is currently 2, flat 7 negative score 2 points at the bottom of the league, the club’s relegation only goal this season. The week in the League Cup 0-1 away defeat to Southampton, only won the tournament victory declared eliminated, recent state is still very depressed. While the current array there are still many injuries, including Larson, mannone, januzaj and Cadmore, the home court against the Gunners against the difficulty is not small. After Arsenal since the first round of League home court against Liverpool, the League played a 6 wins and 2 draws unbeaten in the league, 20 points to the goal difference is second, under the premise of ensuring the attack force, Arsenal Defense this season have been greatly improved. The week in the League Cup in the rotation under the condition of 2-0 in Redding, Chamberlain scored two of the game have the chance to be ranked in the first Wenger. Squad, midfielder Cazorla Walcott and Al suspension, has minor wound in the body is questionable, but the center Giroux midweek games have been off the bench, the game also have the opportunity to go into battle. Aocai this field "given the guest Let the ball half water, although Sunderland at the bottom of the league, the game for Arsenal ultimate handicap would close to the Premier League, should be said that disc strength enough. Having already aocai back plate for the guest let a ball ball half low water, the handicap and the upper level is more reasonable, and can to a certain extent on the betting confidence, personal arsenal play. Investment advice: SMG: let the ball negative instant disc: Arsenal -1.25@0.92 friendship recommend a public number: Jinling Xiao off the wind back more than and 10 years experience of paint, lapping disc has several million in Europe, the level of lottery winning color awards, gaming experience, the Eurasian index analysis, winning was stable a record 23 red disk records, WeChat currently recommend entering even red mode, interested friends can think back to the blood scan code attention, press the added attention to the two-dimensional code. Close to the appreciation of 1, the opening of the European Union in the top five, the public will increase the appreciation of reading, if necessary, friends can be based on the end of the text to guide the appreciation of the tips to operate. 2, reading appreciation in sessions before the deadline stated by the manual response sent, not automatically, please wait after appreciation. At the end of 1, prompting attention o Guiguzi for many years, in the mainstream European League, only aocai opened the event, can do a disc heart, pushing game is the original basis of long-term stability. 2, the number of open public screenings are recommended reading and appreciation recommendation, we only read the reference, combined with his advice note相关的主题文章:

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