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Have [color off]01 fire injury: Naples striker lifted comeback Tuesday 001          Champions   VS; Besiktas Naples recommendation: negative FireWire courier: Besiktas last weekend away 1 1 draw against Genclerbirligi, each tournament 4 game winning streak ended, but still maintained a continuous 13 new season unbeaten, only 2 points behind the leaders in the second super earth. The Champions League group phase half zhanba Beixikedasi 1 wins 2 flat occupy second in the group, the last round of the road 3 2 Lectra Naples achieved their first victory. 5 times this season Beixikedasi 3 wins 2 flat unbeaten home court in Naples; a focus of World War II 1 than 2 defeat to Juventus, stop after two consecutive league ranking dropped to fifth place in Serie A. Naples Champions League game two wins, but the last round in 2 home court losing more than 3 Besiktas, three games 6 goals for the team conceded most, but still occupy the top of the group, the team the last 4 games only 1 victory. Interpretation: injury: Elgin defender, midfielder Besiktas Taris card, Uysal absent because of injury in this game, the midfielder Eziya Koop is doubtful, midfielder Kavlak Liz and striker, Ezibi Nuoao Lu CISMA in the Champions League without registration. Midfielder Inler comeback will again face the old club. Naples: central defender Alwi Orr and striker Milike has not yet recovered, defender Tonelli not in the Champions League registration. In the League suspended striker can battle with BYD. Interpretation: compensate: handicap: 3.40 3.30 2.10 Wei De – 3.40 3.60 2.20 3.30 2.15 3.60 3.40 2.10 SNAI:3.50, 3.25 – 3.40 William Hill: 3.20 2 3.60 2.15 disc: 1.04, 0.82: aocai transferee Pingban transferee 1.08 Wade: the 0.78 hemisphere hemisphere 0.85 1.09, 1.02 0.90: Bet365 transferee Pingban Pingban transferee 1.08, 0.82 0.88 the even half 1.02 Besiktas new season 13 games unbeaten, including 3 wins and 2 home court; Naples weekend lost to Juventus last 4 away only a win. Looks like the home team is better than Naples. But the Besiktas strength still in Naples, on the road wheel away than 3 2 win is not a small burst of upset. The Naples is still on the road to Pingban concessions on the hemisphere even, full support, the field is expected to break the Besiktas streak.相关的主题文章:

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